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Facebook is an online social networking service that enables its users to connect with friends and family.

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Traffic Rank 1.17%
Facebook's popularity vs. other publishers.
User Page Views 0.9%
Average page views, per user, on Facebook
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Ad Units, Elements, and Codes

The Sincera engine crawls a publishers pages (respectfully!) and detects what ad units are on the page, and what ad sizes are declared eligible for that size. For most publishers, there are 3 main identifiers of "Ad Slots" (effectively, spaces on the page where an ad can be displayed. "Ad Unit" and "Ad Element" identifiers are associated with Google's Ad Manager, and "Ad Code" is associated with Prebid. The Sincera engine will stop crawling a page once it has seen 20 consecutive pages without a new, unique Ad Unit, Element, or Code.

Why is this important? By knowing the Ad Unit, Element, and Codes, and their associated eligible ad sizes, publishers can maximize their advertising revenue.

Systems Used on Facebook

Company Times Seen Use Company Type Domain
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 46,577 Adserving
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 45,865 Publisher Analytics
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 45,624 Adserving
Thumb aylzxhnb 400x400 41,463 Publisher Analytics
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 41,278 Company
Thumb b nlbfbl 400x400 39,050 Authentication
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 38,015
Thumb b nlbfbl 400x400 36,629 Company
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 36,131 Data Sharing
Thumb zaoslqcc 400x400 35,422 Adserving
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 34,201 Data Sharing
Thumb kxsipetk 400x400 33,615 Adserving
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 32,753 Adserving
Thumb  r5dljit 400x400 31,012 User Syncing
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 29,710 Data Sharing
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 28,208
Thumb kxsipetk 400x400 23,910 Adserving
Thumb 5i v  we 400x400 22,259 User Syncing
Thumb gld uipw 400x400 21,061
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 20,988
Thumb jyok 62q 400x400 19,993 User Syncing
Thumb zaoslqcc 400x400 19,789
Thumb d9d5899fdae6f5f01f3c691764981e6c 400x400 18,888
Thumb hfva8jvy 400x400 18,740 User Syncing
Thumb 4ekfrb6o 400x400 18,605
Thumb mmds1a63 400x400 17,800 Assets
Thumb ytx4f5ny 400x400 17,371 Assets
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 17,296
Thumb dupt8fu4 400x400 15,112
Thumb tqopmmyw 400x400 15,085
Thumb q4wdj5x4 400x400 14,813
Thumb ykbv6rwp 400x400 14,505
Thumb mw0  kqq 400x400 14,416
Thumb wi9y1pyh 400x400 14,206 Adserving
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 14,200
Thumb wtw7iyli 400x400 13,628
Thumb lamoz0mm 400x400 13,584
Thumb vnzookuzj2nuwiydmbkk 13,452 User Syncing
Thumb iykkxvc9 400x400 13,250 User Syncing
Thumb wi9y1pyh 400x400 13,223
Thumb 5i v  we 400x400 13,134
Thumb mmds1a63 400x400 12,977 User Syncing
Thumb grm xtmh 400x400 12,743
Thumb l qxnsyd 400x400 12,519
Thumb wr7s0hqd 400x400 12,177
Thumb zblxbeyl 400x400 11,691
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 11,420
Thumb qiat93tq 400x400 11,047
Thumb grm xtmh 400x400 10,919
Thumb kcgk9ign 400x400 10,692
Thumb 8ahcid4y 400x400 10,499
Thumb grm xtmh 400x400 10,305
Thumb grm xtmh 400x400 9,947
Thumb  vtyotmk 400x400 9,728
Thumb qalojsum 400x400 9,435
Thumb grm xtmh 400x400 9,301
Thumb 5f2utw u 400x400 9,265
Thumb y2sz13ol 400x400 9,254
Thumb hfva8jvy 400x400 9,218
Thumb e s7zkty 400x400 9,069
Thumb ulnryucf 400x400 8,740
Thumb nmmvwgxr 400x400 8,527
Thumb kcgk9ign 400x400 8,252
Thumb kdxhxfav 400x400 8,152
Thumb kcgk9ign 400x400 8,121
Thumb cywpg4zq 400x400 8,094
Thumb 5f2utw u 400x400 7,981
Thumb kfp0z8t1 400x400 7,905
Thumb 8nuhd6mf 400x400 7,801
Thumb kfp0z8t1 400x400 7,779
Thumb lhpiuzlh 400x400 7,740
Thumb b nlbfbl 400x400 7,686
Thumb mjic cq6 400x400 7,240
Thumb mjic cq6 400x400 6,980
Thumb d9d5899fdae6f5f01f3c691764981e6c 400x400 6,902
Thumb 71uv2q0m 400x400 6,766
Thumb 71uv2q0m 400x400 6,723
Thumb 71uv2q0m 400x400 6,681
Thumb 6jfgf38g 400x400 6,440
Thumb 71uv2q0m 400x400 6,331
Thumb 71uv2q0m 400x400 6,278
Thumb 6jfgf38g 400x400 6,111
Thumb rxkhj70x 400x400 6,098
Thumb nypnsnu2 400x400 5,978
Thumb exu8ryn8 400x400 5,769
Thumb exu8ryn8 400x400 5,707
Thumb 8yw9lqwe 400x400 5,523
Thumb 8yw9lqwe 400x400 5,045
Thumb l qxnsyd 400x400 4,914
Thumb mlv oinn 400x400 4,447
Thumb l qxnsyd 400x400 4,231
Thumb kfp0z8t1 400x400 4,092
Thumb  zo5p0hz 400x400 4,016
Thumb gld uipw 400x400 3,936
Thumb mlv oinn 400x400 3,713
Thumb mmds1a63 400x400 3,242
Thumb b nlbfbl 400x400 2,295
Thumb y2sz13ol 400x400 2,190
Thumb 5f2utw u 400x400 1,500
Thumb fl29qowu 400x400 1,323
Thumb kfp0z8t1 400x400 1,155
Thumb d9d5899fdae6f5f01f3c691764981e6c 400x400 904
Thumb kxsipetk 400x400 717
Thumb kfp0z8t1 400x400 513
Thumb kcgk9ign 400x400 436
Thumb lau vins 400x400 129
Thumb lau vins 400x400 62
Thumb q4wdj5x4 400x400 60
Thumb lau vins 400x400 54
Thumb lau vins 400x400 31
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