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Source Article Created Engine Result
Russell Westbrook's Legacy Is In Danger 2019-04-19 Clickbait
Kobe Bryant tells the story behind one-on-one game with Beyoncé's dad 2019-04-19 Legitimate
Kevin Durant Goes Off, Silences Any Doubters 2019-04-19 Clickbait
THE WARRIOR | The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup on FOX 2019-04-19 Legitimate
GOLIATH | The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup on FOX 2019-04-19 Legitimate
From committing to USC as a quarterback at 13 years old to preparing for the ... 2019-04-19 Legitimate
"Last night is what the Philadelphia 76ers should look like going forward. Be... 2019-04-19 Clickbait
76ers should build around Ben Simmons, trade Joel Embiid 2019-04-19 Clickbait
Most Memorable FIFA Women's World Cup Moments: Australia upset Brazil 2019-04-19 Legitimate
David Sills' journey from 13-year-old phenom QB to NFL-hopeful WR 2019-04-19 Legitimate
Skip: KD's better than LeBron b/c KD's strength of scoring is greater than Le... 2019-04-19 Clickbait
"KD's going to decide this year's NBA championship, and then starting July 1s... 2019-04-19 Legitimate
"There’s an anti-Rich Paul & anti-LeBron movement within the league and p... 2019-04-20 Clickbait
"The Mount Rushmore for the Patriots Dynasty is Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick,... 2019-04-20 Clickbait
There's an anti-LeBron movement spreading across the NBA right now. 2019-04-20 Clickbait
Gisele Bundchen deserves just as much credit for the Patriots' success as her... 2019-04-20 Legitimate
“Welcome to the big league, little B****.” Garcia vs Granados Face-off 2019-04-20 Clickbait
Odell Beckham Jr. Is Already One Of the Greatest WRs Ever According to Former... 2019-04-20 Clickbait
Skip: I'll take Dak Prescott over Russell Wilson 2019-04-20 Legitimate
Michael Rapaport: 'LeBron James is not top 5' 2019-04-20 Clickbait
Yankees Fan Removed From Game After HR Interference 2019-04-20 Legitimate
Are today’s NBA stars criticized more than Jordan and Magic's era of stars? 2019-04-20 Legitimate
Brewers Fans Have A "Slow-Mo" Wave 2019-04-21 Clickbait
🚨 NL POWER RANKINGS 🚨 2019-04-21 Clickbait
First Career MLB Hit Is A 2-Run Blast For Cole Tucker 2019-04-21 Legitimate
Skip: Durant is a better scorer than LeBron; KD will decide the NBA champions... 2019-04-21 Clickbait
Shannon: Kyrie is a top 5 clutch player; can take Celtics all the way 2019-04-21 Clickbait
Skip: Westbrook dresses better than he shoots in playoff games 2019-04-22 Legitimate
Shannon: Paul George, you probably should've gone to LA 2019-04-22 Clickbait
"The question at this point is: is Russell Westbrook a superstar? Every elimi... 2019-04-22 Clickbait
Shannon: Westbrook is the good-looking girl whose flaws we overlook; He's sed... 2019-04-22 Clickbait
Russell Westbrook Isn't An NBA Superstar 2019-04-22 Clickbait
"I'm mystified by it. I thought Jeanie Buss would take all that Laker money a... 2019-04-22 Clickbait
"Russell is that good-looking girl that we overlook all the other flaws — she... 2019-04-22 Clickbait
"Damian Lillard is better than Westbrook -- he's a better basketball player. ... 2019-04-22 Clickbait
"Westbrook is going to have a legacy similar to Allen Iverson. He's going to ... 2019-04-22 Legitimate
"Russell Westbrook has never been built for the postseason and there's three ... 2019-04-22 Clickbait
Steph Curry is absolutely a Top 5 NBA player 2019-04-22 Clickbait
Broussard: Russ' legacy will be similar to Iverson's; he's going to be an ico... 2019-04-22 Clickbait
Broussard: Dame, Steph, Kyrie & Harden are better point guards than Russ; Rus... 2019-04-22 Clickbait
Russell Westbrook has a Top 10 worst contract in sports 2019-04-22 Clickbait
Has Russ seduced us with the triple-double? 2019-04-22 Clickbait
This Celtics Playoff Run Ends Against Milwaukee 2019-04-22 Clickbait
"I wouldn't draft Kyler Murray, I'd stay with Josh Rosen... What I think the ... 2019-04-22 Legitimate
Marcellus explains why Dak's pre-draft message to Kyler Murray wasn't a smart... 2019-04-23 Legitimate
Whitlock: The NFL should be concerned about drafting Kyler Murray because he'... 2019-04-23 Clickbait
FOX Sports 2019-04-23 Legitimate
Rams Super Bowl Loss Doesn’t Matter to Andrew Whitworth: 'We’re All Going to ... 2019-04-23 Clickbait
FOX Sports 2019-04-23 Legitimate
"Football is best played by the desperate, men with limited options. The knoc... 2019-04-23 Clickbait
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