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Mikey Garcia Calls Out Errol Spence for Super Fight! 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Kenyon Martin Jr. Recruiting LeBron Jr., Come to Sierra Canyon! 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Congressman Matt Gaetz didn't fall for Sacha Baron Cohen's trap ... Can't foo... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Paris Jackson Poses Topless For New Shoe Campaign #ParisJackson #Topless (via... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Boomer Phelps is a MOOD on the #KidsChoiceSports red carpet (via @toofab) 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Clay Matthews is Ready for His Close-up After Softball Injury Face Surgery 2018-07-20 Clickbait
TMZ Live: Roseanne's Secret New Show? 2018-07-20 Clickbait
OBJECTified: Steven Tyler … the rockstar who personifies every stereotype abo... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Tyron Woodley Says Colby Covington Backed Out of Fight Over 'Sore Vagina' 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Roseanne Says 'F**k Racism' Four Times While Preparing for Her New Show 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Star Wrestler Loses Scholarship Over Homophobic Slur at Trump Rally 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Man Who Killed NFL's Edwin Jackson Pleads Guilty 2018-07-20 Legitimate
The ‘Breakfast Club’ host describes his relationship with Drake as ‘love-hate... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Jerry Russo: ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Star’s Nudes Reportedly Leak & Fa... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Margot Robbie Goes Surfing in Costa Rica 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Christian Bale Shows Off Extreme Weight Loss After Dick Cheney Role 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Neil deGrasse Tyson Says We Should Consider Donald Trump's Space Force 2018-07-20 Clickbait
According to Whoopi, there’s MUCH more to the story (via @toofab) 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Comic-Con 2018 Cosplay Attendees Amp Things Up on Day 1 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Disney Fires 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director James Gunn Over Offensive Twe... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Tries to Save Spilled Breast Milk -- Watch! #chris... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
An incredible life story, told through treasured objects … OBJECTified: Steve... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Chris Cornell Sculpture Completed 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Debnam-Carey teased a #FearTWD episode about Alicia -- and filming a fake sto... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
George Clooney Back to Work 10 Days After Scooter Accident 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Offset Arrested in Georgia for Allegedly Being in Possession of Guns 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Farrah Abraham is Shocked 'Teen Mom OG' Cast Bristol Palin 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Farrah Abraham Hands Off Dead Dog to Taxidermist 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Liam Hemsworth Seemingly Responds to Miley Cyrus Breakup Rumors with This Vid... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Andrew Lincoln says goodbye to #WalkingDead, as Alpha and Whisperers confirme... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Cardi B & Offset Sued by The Mark Hotel Over Autograph Hound Beatdown 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Taylor Swift Sued Over Gaming App The Swift Life 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Marcellus Wiley Says Garoppolo Doesn't Need Endorsements, Keep Bangin' Porn S... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Conor McGregor Takes Post-Swim Selfie, No Shrinkage Here 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Beyoncé Is Reportedly Trying to Film Something at the Roman Colosseum #Beyonc... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Darrelle Revis A First-Ballot Hall of Famer, Says Titans Star Adoree Jackson 2018-07-20 Legitimate
9-year old Sophia expresses interest in undergoing THIS cosmetic procedure (v... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Joe Theismann is Cool With Jimmy Garoppolo Dating Porn Stars, Let Him Live! 2018-07-20 Clickbait
No Tux? Here's What Pete Davidson Will Probably Wear to His Wedding With Aria... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Mark Duplass Apologizes for 'Disaster' Tweet Praising Conservative Ben Shapir... 2018-07-21 Legitimate
Anthony Anderson Under Criminal Investigation for Assault, Denies Allegation 2018-07-21 Legitimate
Jay-Z and Beyonce Bust Out the Twins On a Yacht 2018-07-21 Legitimate
Man Who Killed NFL's Edwin Jackson Pleads Guilty 2018-07-21 Legitimate
Margot Robbie Goes Surfing in Costa Rica 2018-07-21 Clickbait
P.I. Who Allegedly Bugged Richard Simmons Charged with Crime 2018-07-21 Clickbait
G-Eazy Responds to Demi Lovato Romance Rumors #DemiLovato #GEazy #Halsey (via... 2018-07-21 Legitimate
Sylvester Stallone Says LeBron Outshines Kobe at L.A. Restaurants, for Now 2018-07-21 Clickbait
Courtney Stodden shows her ‘vulnerable’ side while announcing new music (via ... 2018-07-21 Legitimate
Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller 2018-07-21 Clickbait