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Cavs can still make the playoffs next season without LeBron 2018-07-16 Legitimate
Jalen Hurd was a 1st-round NFL RB talent until he mysteriously left Tennessee... 2018-07-16 Legitimate
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L.A. artist Joshua Vides shares his story of customizing shoes for LeBron and... 2018-07-16 Legitimate
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Le’Veon Bell’s agent says this season “likely will be Le’Veon’s last season a... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
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Thunder agree to trade Carmelo Anthony and a 2022 1st-rounder to Hawks for De... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Yes, LeBron went to LA but @HowardBeck believes the Raptors just made the big... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
PG - Lonzo Ball SG - Josh Hart SF - Brandon Ingram PF - Kyle Kuzma C - LeBron... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
The San Antonio Spurs just Miami Heat'd themselves into mediocrity 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Mitchell Robinson 📈 Marvin Bagley 📉 Re-drafting the 2018 NBA lottery based o... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
LeBron and KD hung out at a Los Angeles bar on Wednesday night, per @TMZ_Spor... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
141 women, representing for all the Larry Nassar sexual abuse victims, took t... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
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Chad Johnson Jr. has trained with AB and says Alabama wants him. Just don’t t... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Was KD to the Dubs a bigger Cali move than Bron to LA? 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Mav Carter has no doubt the King will become an owner someday: “I know LeBron... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
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Marc Gasol helped rescue a shipwrecked woman in the Mediterranean Sea 2018-07-20 Clickbait
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Spurs and Raptors are engaged in "serious talks" on a trade centered on Kawhi... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
SIX STRAIGHT FOR AL 🏆 American League tops National League 8-6 for the 6th s... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Clint Capela is worth $100 million to the Rockets—but only to the Rockets—whi... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Mexican League umpires were suspended after calling this a check swing 🤔 📹: 2018-07-20 Legitimate
Giants co-owner Steve Tisch says Donald Trump has "no understanding" of why p... 2018-07-20 Legitimate
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