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The newest K9 cop at the West Covina Police Department made its first bust ov... 2018-05-21 Legitimate
For Harry and Meghan, it's all smiles in official royal wedding portraits 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Elon Musk announces a $78,000 version of Tesla Model 3 β€” which is unaffordabl... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Starbucks' new policy allows customers to use restrooms and sit in cafes and ... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Barack and Michelle Obama are officially becoming Hollywood producers with a ... 2018-05-21 Legitimate
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says he wants police to stop arresting people for sm... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Regulators crack down on suspicious cryptocurrency investment schemes 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Update: 5 women sue USC, alleging they were victimized by a campus gynecologi... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Your chance to join the ruling elite of L.A. β€” a powerful minority called "vo... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors Smith sued USA Swimming, alleging a sexual abus... 2018-05-21 Legitimate
Column: The gun industry claims to be a big job creator. Here's why you shoul... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
At the Billboard Music Awards, Kelly Clarkson, Janet Jackson and others contr... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
California toy mogul Isaac Larian gives up on bid to buy hundreds of Toys R U... 2018-05-21 Legitimate
"Mowgli" trailer reveals grittiest "Jungle Book" reboot since last "Jungle Bo... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Democrats in California's attorney general race clash over campaign ads filme... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Amazon Studios names Vernon Sanders as co-head of television 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Venice Beach property owners being offered over $1 million in refunds 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Man dies after Tesla crashes into San Francisco area pond 2018-05-21 Legitimate
🚨The California primary is 15 days away. These are the state races that could... 2018-05-21 Legitimate
Former USC football assistant Todd McNair loses case against NCAA 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Column: The gun industry claims to be a big job creator. But the economic los... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Chrissy Teigen keeps the mom truths coming with arrival of baby Miles 2018-05-21 Clickbait
Bob Seger is back, with rescheduled concert dates 2018-05-21 Legitimate
Pompeo makes an offer that Iran already has refused (via @latimesopinion) 2018-05-22 Legitimate
5 women filed civil lawsuits today alleging that a longtime gynecologist at U... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Reminder, California: Today is your last day to register to vote before the J... 2018-05-22 Legitimate
Astros broadcaster Preston Wilson apologizes for on-air slavery joke 2018-05-22 Legitimate
What happened to the "affordable" $35,000 Tesla Model 3? 2018-05-22 Clickbait
California's attorney general is fighting a ruling that would overturn the st... 2018-05-22 Legitimate
South Korea's President Moon heads for Washington to help keep Kim and Trump ... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Raw humanity took the stage at the Billboard Music Awards 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Ex-boyfriend of the woman killed in Aliso Viejo explosion will remain behind ... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
MMA fighters flock to an Albuquerque gym known for producing champions 2018-05-22 Legitimate
Family that took in Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz hit with lawsuits a... 2018-05-22 Legitimate
Sheriff defends officers' response to Texas school shooting 2018-05-22 Clickbait
The latest clash over the Russia investigation eases β€” for now 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Pilot-hungry airlines are raiding flight schools and creating a shortage of i... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Tomorrow night, Chef Curtis Stone and a group of top LA chefs will come toget... 2018-05-22 Legitimate
Just take those old records off the shelf. Bob Seger is back 2018-05-22 Legitimate
Column: After questions raised about CalPERS CFO's background and experience,... 2018-05-22 Legitimate
EDC Las Vegas fans handle a post-Avicii, post-massacre world 2018-05-22 Legitimate
New world met the old and showed a rethinking of the monarchy during the roya... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Viet Thanh Nguyen: The blackface incidents at Cal Poly show why we need more ... 2018-05-22 Legitimate
Border agent questions 2 women for speaking Spanish in Montana 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Pope Francis has reportedly told a gay man that "God made you that way and lo... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
A Texas runoff tests Democrats' midterm strategy 2018-05-22 Clickbait
In March 2016 Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Model 3 and said the new car would... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Audra McDonald soars in her stirring tour through the American musical 2018-05-22 Clickbait
JetSuite strikes a deal for hybrid electric planes with start-up Zunum Aero 2018-05-22 Legitimate
She discovered a baby buried alive. 20 years later, they found each other 2018-05-22 Clickbait