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We've always believed Congress is best placed to assess what happened in 2016... 2018-05-10 Legitimate
Thanks @JuliaAngwin. You've done a lot to uncover issues in our ads systems, ... 2018-05-11 Legitimate
App investigation we promised post-Cambridge Analytica is in full swing: thou... 2018-05-14 Clickbait
Facebook Cuesa 2018-05-14 Legitimate
Last month, we published the internal guidelines our teams use to review post... 2018-05-15 Clickbait
We're proud to partner with @AtlanticCouncil to strengthen our election integ... 2018-05-17 Legitimate
The Facebook Journalism Project is partnering with the @HHMediaSchool in Germ... 2018-05-17 Clickbait
This uplifting page brings moms around the world together to share their stor... 2018-05-18 Legitimate
Thank you for reporting @GenePark . We take this seriously and are committed ... 2018-05-21 Legitimate
For military families, moving to a new base means new schools to attend, new ... 2018-05-21 Clickbait
In partnership with #Lagos based Co-creation Hub Nigeria @Cc_HUB we opened up... 2018-05-23 Legitimate
Keeping people safe is our top priority. We’re adding new features & more... 2018-05-23 Clickbait
Facing Facts 2018-05-23 Clickbait
We're in. Thank you @EmmanuelMacron for hosting Mark and Facebook today. Fran... 2018-05-23 Legitimate
People want to see accurate information on Facebook – and so do we. We know w... 2018-05-23 Clickbait
If you see an ad which you believe has political content and isn’t labeled, p... 2018-05-24 Legitimate
This is what a label looks like. It includes a “Paid for by” disclosure from ... 2018-05-24 Legitimate
Starting today, all election-related and issue ads in the US must be clearly ... 2018-05-24 Legitimate
People affected = 1; magnitude of change = enormous; lasting impact of the ch... 2018-05-25 Clickbait
Mommies with Guides 2018-06-01 Legitimate
Thanks for raising this @VickerySec. We've since suspended 14 apps that may a... 2018-06-01 Legitimate
We’re removing Trending soon to make way for future news experiences on Faceb... 2018-06-01 Legitimate
Happy Pride Month! We know representation and building community matters — th... 2018-06-01 Clickbait
Thanks @SenCortezMasto The NYT is wrong on this point. Companies like Blackbe... 2018-06-05 Clickbait
Hi @davidcicilline. This is an important point. But the NYT is wrong about us... 2018-06-05 Clickbait
Hi @SenBlumenthal, You raise an important issue but NYT is wrong on this poin... 2018-06-05 Clickbait
We think it's important to note we launched device-integrated APIs over 10 ye... 2018-06-05 Legitimate
We’ve been partnering with music companies around the world to bring music to... 2018-06-05 Clickbait
Introducing the first slate of funded news shows for Facebook Watch. Read mor... 2018-06-06 Clickbait
Today we are introducing the first slate of funded news shows for Watch. This... 2018-06-06 Clickbait
No private posts were changed to be public. The bug made the suggested audien... 2018-06-07 Clickbait
Hi @yonatanzunger To be clear, the bug affected Facebook posts, NOT private m... 2018-06-07 Clickbait
No private posts were changed to be public. The bug made the suggested audien... 2018-06-08 Clickbait
We're matching up to $250K in donations made to @GlobalGiving for local relie... 2018-06-08 Legitimate
Watch as our COO Sheryl Sandberg gives a commencement to @MIT's class of 2018: 2018-06-08 Clickbait
When friends are in need, reaching out can make a difference. If someone post... 2018-06-08 Clickbait
This story has confused 2 points. 1) In 2014, all developers were given a yea... 2018-06-08 Legitimate
We've committed to train 1M US business owners and equip more people with the... 2018-06-09 Legitimate
's cover photo 2018-06-17 Clickbait
How People Help Fight False News | Facebook Newsroom 2018-06-21 Legitimate
's cover photo 2018-06-25 Clickbait
A new way to try on accessories, makeup and furniture? Check ✓ A fun way to c... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
Quviasugitti Nunavut Ullunganni! Quviasuqatigivavut Nunavut Tunngavikkut Tai... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
We want people of all abilities to thrive at Facebook. Thank you to the @AAPD... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
Honored to be a part of this story about Ron Rudolph and his family who are t... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
Thanks to the @wescookband for working through this with us 2018-07-16 Legitimate
Grateful to grow our partnership with @YearUp to give trainings and internshi... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
Welcoming our new AI Research team members! Academics are joining us to help ... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
Our CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat down with @karaswisher for a conversation worth l... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
WhatsApp is starting a test to limit message forwarding. We believe this will... 2018-07-20 Clickbait