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#Hopefulfor - Brian 2018-01-29 Legitimate
Brian & Lori 2018-02-01 Clickbait
Dedé & Pu 2018-02-01 Clickbait
Francesco & Mr. D'Aquino 2018-02-03 Clickbait
Ankur and Sidd - A Friend Story 2018-02-03 Clickbait
Chris and Ann - A Friend Story 2018-02-04 Clickbait
Friendsday 2018-02-04 Legitimate
Creator Spotlight: Wuz Good 2018-02-06 Legitimate
Creator Spotlight: Massy Arias 2018-02-08 Legitimate
Creator Spotlight: Jay Mendoza 2018-02-10 Clickbait
Facebook Communities Summit Europe 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Join us at F8 2018 2018-02-21 Clickbait
Facebook's cover photo 2018-03-08 Clickbait
Credit a woman in your life. 2018-03-08 Clickbait
Facebook's cover photo 2018-03-09 Clickbait
Here’s an update from Mark on changes we're making to crackdown on platform a... 2018-03-21 Legitimate
Today we announced the removal of inauthentic accounts from the Internet Rese... 2018-04-03 Clickbait
An update on the changes we’re making to better protect your Facebook informa... 2018-04-04 Legitimate
Soon anyone that sees a political ad on Facebook will see it labeled as such.... 2018-04-06 Legitimate
As part of our commitment to protect your data, we are launching the Data Abu... 2018-04-10 Clickbait
Websites and apps use Facebook features to make their content and ads better.... 2018-04-16 Clickbait
Celebrate Earth Day 2018-04-22 Legitimate
We’re answering some of the top questions we get about ads on Facebook and ho... 2018-04-23 Clickbait
One of the top questions we’re asked is how do we decide what content is allo... 2018-04-24 Legitimate
Thank you, @ADL_National. Your input and partnership has strengthened our eff... 2018-04-25 Legitimate
Thank you, @FOSI! We would love any input you have when you’ve had a chance t... 2018-04-25 Legitimate
We're adding new features like donation matching to the fundraising tools on ... 2018-04-27 Clickbait
Thank you @jankoum. 2018-04-30 Legitimate
Tune in to Mark's #F8 keynote live at 10 AM PST today. Along with an update o... 2018-05-01 Legitimate
Watch Mark's keynote live now! #F8 2018-05-01 Clickbait
At #F8 Mark announced our first Standalone VR headset #OculusGo is available ... 2018-05-01 Legitimate
"This is how we’re thinking about our responsibility — to keep people safe an... 2018-05-01 Clickbait
Thank you @RRombom. We're excited about this too! 2018-05-01 Legitimate
Advances in technology — including artificial intelligence, machine learning ... 2018-05-02 Legitimate
Watch @KofiAnnan live from Facebook's HQ. We're very excited to have the Secr... 2018-05-03 Clickbait
Thank you again @KofiAnnan for taking time to speak with us. We are excited t... 2018-05-04 Legitimate
F8 Recap 2018-05-10 Legitimate
Here Together :60 Video 2018-05-10 Legitimate
's cover photo 2018-05-10 Clickbait
's cover photo 2018-05-10 Clickbait
We've always believed Congress is best placed to assess what happened in 2016... 2018-05-10 Legitimate
Thanks @JuliaAngwin. You've done a lot to uncover issues in our ads systems, ... 2018-05-11 Legitimate
App investigation we promised post-Cambridge Analytica is in full swing: thou... 2018-05-14 Clickbait
Facebook Cuesa 2018-05-14 Legitimate
Last month, we published the internal guidelines our teams use to review post... 2018-05-15 Clickbait
We're proud to partner with @AtlanticCouncil to strengthen our election integ... 2018-05-17 Legitimate
The Facebook Journalism Project is partnering with the @HHMediaSchool in Germ... 2018-05-17 Clickbait
This uplifting page brings moms around the world together to share their stor... 2018-05-18 Legitimate
Thank you for reporting @GenePark . We take this seriously and are committed ... 2018-05-21 Legitimate
For military families, moving to a new base means new schools to attend, new ... 2018-05-21 Clickbait