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Mother confirms body found in Grand River is Kaden Young | The Star 2018-04-22 Clickbait
A group of academics has sent an open letter to the Attorney General of Canad... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
A man is charged in two alleged sexual assaults at one of the two Mississauga... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Meanwhile, in Canada... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Driver dies after fleeing the scene and hitting a tree following a multi-vehi... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Academics call for probe of opioid manufacturers’ marketing tactics 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Educators east of Vancouver hope for safe return of beloved mascot Justin Beaver 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Mother of Kaden Young thanks community after body found in Grand River | The ... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
When the trees started coming down, Theresa “Red” Terry went up to try and st... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Scoff this look off if you want but this is Rihanna so we’ll all be wearing i... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Perched on a platform high in a tree, a 61-year-old woman fights a gas pipeli... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
We found Rihanna in an obvious place: Stargazing | The Star 2018-04-22 Clickbait
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JOINED: In marriage, a former Miss America and her same-sex partner. SPLIT: O... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Opinion | Time to end double standard facing women in campaign trail 2018-04-22 Clickbait
The week that was: A former Miss Alabama weds her same-sex partner, and Swazi... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Ontario’s fast-approaching election is shaping up as a classic danger/opportu... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Curry doesn't have to be hard to prepare, as this dish from @ricardorecipes s... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Editorial | Ontario NDP is bold and (relatively) responsible 2018-04-22 Clickbait
This red lamb curry dish is as delicious as it is easy to prepare | The Star 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Some of London's most exclusive jewellers are hoping Meghan Markle won't skip... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
A man wearing nothing but a coat stormed a Waffle House restaurant in Tenness... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Four dead after shooting at Waffle House in Nashville, police say | The Star 2018-04-22 Clickbait
In Ontario, English-language #teachers can be on supply lists for years befor... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Environment Minister @cathmckenna says Canada is making ocean preservation on... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
B.C. school boards target Toronto in hopes of wooing Ontario teachers 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Earth Day 2018: Feds launch online public consultation on plastic, marine waste 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Ontario MP Francis Drouin, formerly considered a rising star in the Liberal P... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Canadian children of priests have struggled with guilt and suffered from bein... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Allegation made against MP Francis Drouin at Liberal convention in Halifax 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Catholic priests take a vow of celibacy when they’re ordained. But when they ... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Officers responding to a 911 call from a high school student trapped and dyin... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
New Filipino-centred curriculum launched in March is proving refreshing for s... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Police responding to dying student’s 911 call stayed in their patrol car, bod... 2018-04-22 Legitimate
New school curriculum engages Filipino-Canadian students with lessons on immi... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
[email protected] says North Korea has agreed to “denuclearization.” But that... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Police in Timmins find the remains of four people in a charred vehicle follow... 2018-04-22 Clickbait
Raptors guard VanVleet sits Game 4, doesn’t sound like a return is imminent 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Donald Trump says North Korea agreed to denuclearize. It hasn’t 2018-04-22 Legitimate
Remains of four people found in charred vehicle in Timmins, police say 2018-04-22 Clickbait
This past January alone, Ontario received 10,870 new permanent residents, up ... 2018-04-23 Legitimate
Current advancements in medicine and health do not serve Black women, writes ... 2018-04-23 Clickbait
Fred VanVleet doesn’t sound like he’ll be ready to return to the Toronto @Rap... 2018-04-23 Legitimate
Immigration to Ontario increasing after prolonged slump 2018-04-23 Legitimate
Black women denied happy, healthy motherhood 2018-04-23 Clickbait
Opinion | Vicky Mochama: Black women denied happy, healthy motherhood 2018-04-23 Clickbait