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Special counsel files new charge in Trump-Russia probe, saying lawyer lied to... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
Treatment of Sears Canada pensioners a ‘travesty’ that demands action 2018-02-20 Legitimate
This Trump accuser keeps telling her story. Will anyone ever listen? 2018-02-20 Legitimate
They captured gold, but also captured hearts around the world. Your best hot ... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
In essence, a prime minister who wants to be known as environmentally aware i... 2018-02-20 Legitimate
What a difference 10 weeks can make. Ontario MPPs are head back to Queen's Pa... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
“Patrick Brown has been engaged in dirty and crooked politics for too long in... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
Commercial airplane incidents, accidents in Canada jump in 2017, safety board... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
Trump calls for ban on ‘bump stocks,’ the gun modification used in the Las Ve... 2018-02-20 Legitimate
Virtue and Moir won our hearts on the way to Olympic gold 2018-02-20 Legitimate
The national ripple effect of a western pipeline fight 2018-02-20 Legitimate
New twist in PC civil war as Hillier accuses Patrick Brown of ‘crooked’ polit... 2018-02-20 Legitimate
"We are here to send a message to the Durham police, the Toronto police, the ... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
York Region police tweeted on Tuesday that marijuana doesn’t increase the gro... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
I left my husband for a woman. My family is still really close to him, but he... 2018-02-20 Legitimate
The increase in airline incidents overall is partly due to higher number of f... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
#Breaking: Trump says he has directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to craft... 2018-02-20 Legitimate
Dinner in a flash with peppery couscous soup and salmon 2018-02-20 Legitimate
Preliminary hearing begins in case of off-duty cop charged with beating Dafon... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
York Region police issues clarification after officer tells student panel tha... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
My sister socializes with ex-husband but not my wife: Ask Ellie 2018-02-20 Clickbait
Another two days, and 23 more false claims from Trump. The latest in @ddale8'... 2018-02-20 Legitimate
Businesses hosted a road hockey game on King St. to show what shouldn’t be po... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
Canada used to be a sucker at the Olympics but now it's an apex of a golden s... 2018-02-20 Legitimate
This flavourful and nutritious soup is easy to throw together. Get the recipe... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
Doctor who denied sex abuse by saying his belly was too big loses licence 2018-02-20 Clickbait
Two days, 23 false claims from Donald Trump — including one spectacular lie |... 2018-02-20 Clickbait
Opinion | Is road hockey on King St. a sign of what's to come? 2018-02-20 Legitimate
Canada’s triumph at the 2018 Olympics is a feeling we could get used to | Tor... 2018-02-20 Legitimate
Three candidates running for Ontario PC leadership are women, mirroring a tre... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Ontario’s medical regulator has revoked the licence of a Barrie dermatologist... 2018-02-21 Clickbait
Toronto police board to consider issuing more Tasers for officers | Toronto Star 2018-02-21 Clickbait
How the #MeToo women’s movement is changing politics 2018-02-21 Clickbait
Certainly one could argue there exist gaping gender-based divisions in need o... 2018-02-21 Clickbait
Condos and apartment buildings are seen in downtown Vancouver, B.C., in a Feb... 2018-02-21 Clickbait
A Star investigation revealed that tens of thousands of Canadians have record... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Nigel Barriffe, president of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, believes t... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Opinion | Fergie’s rendition of Star-Spangled Banner a lesson to tone down th... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
It’s time for every night to be women’s night at the Olympics | Toronto Star 2018-02-21 Legitimate
British Columbia to require anonymous land owners to reveal their true identi... 2018-02-21 Clickbait
Despite unanimous Queen’s Park vote, police are still disclosing unproven all... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Councillor Paul Ainslie wants Scarborough to get bike share docks to encourag... 2018-02-21 Clickbait
“It is just not slowing down,” Harm reduction worker Zoë Dodd told the Star. ... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
#Exclusive: Friends said they have been an on-again-off-again couple for seve... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
The father of two acknowledged he had broken the law and “jeopardized society... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Somebody hired her, somebody likely approved or encouraged her unique renditi... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Scarborough seeking fair share of Bike Share | Toronto Star 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Overdose deaths taking ‘huge toll’ on advocates | Toronto Star 2018-02-21 Clickbait
Patrick Brown’s girlfriend says ‘wrong how media has treated him’ | Toronto ... 2018-02-21 Legitimate
Brampton shooting victim identified as gang leader who vowed to ‘go on the ri... 2018-02-21 Legitimate