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Keep those videos coming! Tweet your video wishing Will Smith a happy birthda... 2018-09-18 Clickbait
#YouTubeEduCon goes global! #EduTubers gathered today @googlemexico for the f... 2018-09-19 Clickbait
He was the best pirate. #TalkLikeAPirateDay 2018-09-19 Legitimate
PIZZA VIDEOS, RANKED: eating a pepperoni pizza 🍕 making the perfect pizza ... 2018-09-20 Clickbait
Friday goals: 1) Look for the helpers 2) Be one of the helpers 3) Listen to... 2018-09-21 Clickbait
YOU DID IT. IT'S FRIDAY. YOU SURVIVED. . 2018-09-21 Legitimate
21 September 2018-09-22 Clickbait
Shawn Mendes Spotlight Trailer 2018-09-22 Legitimate
They said he couldn't spin webs. Lucas knew that meant he just needed to be a... 2018-09-24 Legitimate
Have you registered to vote? Make your voice heard in this November's U.S. El... 2018-09-25 Legitimate
It's Will Smith's 50th birthday, and some friends have a special message for ... 2018-09-25 Legitimate
#WillSmithTheJump 2018-09-25 Clickbait
HE JUST DID THAT. Watch Will Smith's jump into the Grand Canyon: . #WillSmi... 2018-09-26 Legitimate
Us. We do. 2018-09-26 Legitimate
✨ We're LIVE from the YouTube Fashion & Beauty party! ✨ It's in Paris. ... 2018-09-26 Legitimate
Here's a video of a cat eating sushi. 2018-09-27 Clickbait
Zoo videos. #LeaveEarth #WorldTourismDay 2018-09-27 Clickbait
Anaheim --> Mexico City --> Rio ✈️ Our #EduCon family is growing! Today... 2018-09-29 Clickbait
When it's finally #October1st. 2018-10-01 Clickbait
Technology can help us all become more productive at work. This is probably ... 2018-10-01 Clickbait
Happy #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth! Filipinos have been living in America ... 2018-10-02 Clickbait
"We scientists like to puzzle as to why something is working." Listen to an i... 2018-10-02 Legitimate
Happy #MeanGirlsDay! 2018-10-03 Legitimate
Happy #NationalTacoDay! 2018-10-04 Legitimate
Every Thursday in October, we'll be honoring some of the most outstanding com... 2018-10-04 Legitimate
Happy #WorldTeachersDay! Today we're celebrating all of the amazing teachers ... 2018-10-05 Legitimate
You can't get an "I Voted" sticker if you don't register. Watch @IISuperwoman... 2018-10-05 Clickbait
No Time to Run Away | A Short Film | Creators for Change 2018-10-05 Clickbait
World Teachers' Day 2018-10-05 Legitimate
This #WorldTeachersDay, we're celebrating all of the teachers who use YouTube... 2018-10-05 Clickbait
Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay2018, when we celebrate the indigenous peoples ... 2018-10-08 Legitimate
Indigenous Peoples' Day 2018-10-08 Legitimate
Now you can access your favorite YouTube recipes and tutorials with the sound... 2018-10-09 Legitimate
Voter registration deadlines for the U.S. Elections vary by state, and some o... 2018-10-10 Clickbait
Mental health matters. For #WorldMentalHealthDay, we’ve put together playlist... 2018-10-10 Legitimate
YouTube's cover photo 2018-10-10 Clickbait
Sometimes it’s hard to relax. But ASMR and other soothing sounds can calm you... 2018-10-10 Clickbait
Step 1: Watch any of these videos for a guided meditation → Step 2: Don’t fe... 2018-10-10 Clickbait
"I've seen first-hand experience of what can happen to somebody who doesn't s... 2018-10-10 Clickbait
It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay and these organizations have curated playlists of ... 2018-10-10 Clickbait
YouTube's cover photo 2018-10-11 Clickbait
Happy #NationalComingOutDay! These are some of our favorite coming out videos... 2018-10-11 Legitimate
Every Thursday in October, we're honoring outstanding communities on YouTube!... 2018-10-11 Legitimate
Happy #DayOfTheGirl! #CreatorsForChange curated this playlist to celebrate: . 2018-10-11 Clickbait
On Friday, October 12th at 10am BST, Princess Eugenie of York will marry Mr. ... 2018-10-11 Legitimate
These are 10 of the most-viewed coming out videos on YouTube: . #NationalComi... 2018-10-11 Legitimate
🔴LIVE: Watch as Princess Eugenie of York marries Mr. Jack Brooksbank. 2018-10-12 Clickbait
Here are some baby meerkats, because it's Friday and you've earned this: . 2018-10-12 Legitimate
Baby. Meerkats. 2018-10-12 Legitimate
In case your Monday needed some magic. 2018-10-15 Clickbait