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We support the goals of Article 13. But Article 13 could have unintended cons... 2018-11-20 Clickbait
There's still time to revise how Article 13 is written, but the language coul... 2018-11-21 Legitimate
To everyone searching "How to carve a turkey" on YouTube right now: you've go... 2018-11-22 Clickbait
Happy #BlackFriday! If you search "Brick Friday" and click on the ad, you can... 2018-11-23 Legitimate
We believe there's a better way with a partnership between rights holders and... 2018-11-26 Clickbait
🔴 LIVE: Watch from mission control as @NASAInSight lands on Mars. #MarsLanding 2018-11-26 Legitimate
After Thanksgiving comes...#YouTubeGiving. It's #GivingWeek, and our bigges... 2018-11-26 Clickbait
Rhett and Link visit St. Jude 2018-11-26 Clickbait
There's still time to revise how Article 13 is written, but the language coul... 2018-11-27 Legitimate
This is what we want, what we really really want. 2018-11-27 Legitimate
Chef May wasn’t born one of the most beloved chefs in Manchester. She became ... 2018-11-27 Legitimate
Chef May: Rediscovering the Taste of Home 2018-11-27 Legitimate
Now students can access ad-free videos, our new music streaming service, @You... 2018-11-27 Legitimate
YouTube Premium Student Plan 2018-11-27 Clickbait
's cover photo 2018-11-28 Clickbait
's cover photo 2018-11-28 Clickbait
Marshmello x Hope for Paws 2018-11-28 Legitimate
TFW you know #DangerousWomanDiaries is finally out💃💃. Watch now: . 2018-11-29 Clickbait
Welcome to YouTube, @NaomiCampbell! 2018-11-29 Clickbait
#YouTubeGiving: Doctors Without Borders 2018-11-29 Clickbait
#DangerousWomanDiaries 2018-11-29 Clickbait
's cover photo 2018-11-30 Clickbait
Thread! There's still time to support our 5 featured #YouTubeGiving charities... 2018-11-30 Clickbait
#YouTubeGiving: RachhLoves 2018-11-30 Clickbait
#RewindIsComing 2018-12-03 Clickbait
It’s almost time to hit Rewind. #RewindisComing December 6th, 2018. 2018-12-03 Clickbait
Happy #Hanukkah ! Learn more about the history of Hanukkah and other winter h... 2018-12-03 Clickbait
Happy #NationalCookieDay! Check out our playlist of the best holiday cookie... 2018-12-04 Legitimate
National Cookie Day 2018-12-04 Legitimate
"Here's to all of the women who stood up for themselves in 2018." @Wengie is ... 2018-12-04 Clickbait
There are 2 kinds of people: people who think computers are cool, and people ... 2018-12-05 Clickbait
You've made it halfway through this week. You've made it almost all the way ... 2018-12-05 Clickbait
It's almost time... #YouTubeRewind drops at 10am PST TODAY at this link: . 2018-12-06 Clickbait
's cover photo 2018-12-06 Clickbait
Thank you to all the creators, artists, and fans who made 2018 their own. Thi... 2018-12-06 Clickbait
#YouTubeRewind is here! See the people, music, and moments that defined 201... 2018-12-06 Clickbait
[email protected] is our forever mood 🖤. #DangerousWomanDiaries Episode 2 out no... 2018-12-06 Clickbait
We let the creators drive this year's #YouTubeRewind. Here's what happened: 2018-12-07 Clickbait
1) @NatGeo has a new YouTube show called "Untamed." 2) This episode is calle... 2018-12-07 Clickbait
Get a behind the scenes look at our new YouTube Original #ChampaignILL starri... 2018-12-07 Legitimate
Hey Arianators! If you're in NYC or LA, we have a special treat for you. Head... 2018-12-07 Legitimate
Thank you, Mastanamma, for sharing your recipes and wisdom with the world. 2018-12-07 Clickbait
[email protected] will be live on the red carpet at this year’s @BFC #FashionAwards i... 2018-12-07 Clickbait
December birthdays: we see you. 2018-12-10 Clickbait
Congratulations to @daddy_yankee on an incredible year! #YouTubeRewind Watc... 2018-12-10 Clickbait
Merry Birthday 2018-12-10 Clickbait
#Priorities. Catch @AdamPally and @SamRichardson in our new YouTube Original ... 2018-12-12 Clickbait
Some things don't change that much. 90 Years of Christmas in New York: . 2018-12-12 Clickbait
"I thought I was going to see the Colosseum." @JimmyButler goes to gladiator... 2018-12-12 Clickbait
90 Years of Christmas in New York 2018-12-12 Clickbait