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“It’s not really about adding more screens or grabbing more screen time. It’s... 2018-05-07 Clickbait
Through our #AIforAccessibility initiative, we will provide grants and suppor... 2018-05-07 Clickbait
Mixed reality, Microsoft 365 and Cortana will combine to make meetings more p... 2018-05-07 Legitimate
The Microsoft Graph contains digital artifacts on life and work, and also ens... 2018-05-07 Clickbait
Explanimators is back... to the future? Microsoft CTO @Kevin_Scott's hologr... 2018-05-07 Clickbait
#AIforAccessibility will fund and support developers who are creating accessi... 2018-05-07 Clickbait
[Audio Description Version] We believe technology can empower everyone to ac... 2018-05-07 Legitimate
Only 1 in 10 people with disabilities has access to assistive technology. Mor... 2018-05-07 Clickbait
[email protected] tells the story of our "fast and flexible" FPGA chips, which will unlo... 2018-05-08 Clickbait
Day 1 of #MSBuild is in the books, but we'll be back again tomorrow at 8:30AM... 2018-05-08 Clickbait
⚡️ Intelligent cloud, intelligent edge, Azure innovation, and tiny horses. He... 2018-05-08 Legitimate
Today at #MSBuild, our CEO @SatyaNadella shared how developers can shape the ... 2018-05-08 Clickbait
Today at #MSBuild, our CEO @SatyaNadella shared how developers can shape the ... 2018-05-08 Clickbait
Project Brainwave is accelerating real-time AI calculations so businesses can... 2018-05-08 Clickbait
At #MSBuild, we unveiled tools to help all developers--like those at Vulcan S... 2018-05-08 Clickbait
[email protected] covers our partnership with @DJIGlobal to bring security and intel... 2018-05-08 Clickbait
[email protected] is using technology to brew rapid innovation: #MSBuild 2018-05-08 Clickbait
From a suite of pre-trained models from Microsoft Cognitive Services to new A... 2018-05-09 Clickbait
Thank you, teachers, for inspiring young minds every day. It’s our honor to e... 2018-05-09 Legitimate
There's still more interviews, technical sessions and Q&As to come. Watch... 2018-05-09 Clickbait
Experience, learn and code the latest breakthrough #AI innovations in the Mic... 2018-05-09 Legitimate
Our own Technical Fellow Butler Lampson helped create a future that includes ... 2018-05-09 Clickbait
Thanks for joining us for #MSBuild this week. The conference may be over, but... 2018-05-10 Clickbait
Microsoft continues its quest to bring machine learning to every application 2018-05-10 Legitimate
Timeline Photos 2018-05-10 Legitimate
's cover photo 2018-05-10 Clickbait
Microsoft AI + Iconem: Preserving History ft. Common 2018-05-10 Clickbait
Work Reworked: Kansas City Royals 2018-05-10 Legitimate
Here's why a 12-year-old’s invention more than 200 years ago serves as an ins... 2018-05-10 Legitimate
's cover photo 2018-05-11 Clickbait
FarmBeats sensors and @DJIGlobal drones unearth important agricultural data, ... 2018-05-11 Legitimate
Opportunity and responsibility in the era of the Intelligent Cloud and Intell... 2018-05-11 Clickbait
Our partnership with @DJIGlobal is sending drones up to monitor crops, helpin... 2018-05-11 Legitimate
Here's why the @Verge called our meeting room from #MSBuild "seriously impres... 2018-05-11 Legitimate
Only 1 in 10 people with disabilities has access to assistive technology. @Te... 2018-05-11 Legitimate
[email protected] students are among the first to experience #AI-powered speech techn... 2018-05-12 Clickbait
Microsoft stores across the country are introducing digital summer camps for ... 2018-05-12 Clickbait
CEO @satyanadella sat down with @MichaelGervais on the Finding Mastery podcas... 2018-05-12 Clickbait
[email protected]'s Teri List-Stoll is reimagining her company's relationship with custom... 2018-05-14 Clickbait
Microsoft Surface 2018-05-15 Clickbait
We’re on a journey to design, build and launch more accessible, inclusive tec... 2018-05-16 Clickbait
Hey #Millennials - @WeAreInvati has a high tech workplace with your name on it. 2018-05-17 Legitimate
Game on: Introducing the new Xbox Adaptive Controller. #GAAD 2018-05-17 Legitimate
Xbox 2018-05-17 Legitimate
New Xbox Adaptive Controller will make gaming more accessible 2018-05-17 Clickbait
This #GAAD, chief accessibility officer @jennylayfluffy celebrates how techno... 2018-05-17 Clickbait
A 12-year-old boy's invention from more than 200 years ago has something in c... 2018-05-17 Legitimate
We’re bringing our accessibility awareness game today and everyday 2018-05-18 Clickbait
A new collaboration between our Quantum team and @CWRU will improve patient c... 2018-05-21 Legitimate
At @glassybaby, glassblowers twirl, cut and shape molten glass into artisanal... 2018-05-21 Clickbait