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Starting soon: Microsoft CEO @SatyaNadella will kick off #MSIgnite. Tune in h... 2018-09-24 Legitimate
Microsoft Ignite 2018 2018-09-24 Legitimate
VIDEO: AI for Humanitarian Action is our new initiative that will increase ac... 2018-09-24 Clickbait
Today at #MSIgnite, we launched the Open Data Initiative with @Adobe and @SAP... 2018-09-24 Clickbait
At #MSIgnite, our CEO @satyanadella highlighted customers embracing “tech int... 2018-09-24 Clickbait
[email protected] is using #AI to transform all dimensions of its energy business from ... 2018-09-24 Clickbait
RECAP: Four highlights from #MSIgnite - our conference for technologists and ... 2018-09-24 Clickbait
RECAP: Day 1 Highlights from #MSIgnite 2018-09-24 Legitimate
CFO Amy Hood has transformed Microsoft's approach to building revenue and est... 2018-09-24 Legitimate
[email protected]_Group is leveraging cloud and blockchain technologies to reduce 30% ... 2018-09-25 Legitimate
Announced at #MSIgnite: @Adobe, @SAP, and Microsoft announced the Open Data I... 2018-09-25 Legitimate
Japan’s citizens accept that natural disasters are a reality. Now they’re loo... 2018-09-26 Legitimate
We can't prevent you from accidentally sharing a cat video, but we can transf... 2018-09-27 Clickbait
Managing home energy should be a smart, secure experience. 💡 See how @EON_SE_... 2018-09-27 Clickbait
Guests at @YasIsland have access to a new seamless experience so the fun star... 2018-09-27 Legitimate
Starting in 2020, more than 5 million new @VWGroup vehicles per year will be ... 2018-09-28 Clickbait
23,500 global participants 5,850 projects 1 winning team Meet the winners of... 2018-09-28 Clickbait
[email protected] is working to bring new medicines to market faster. See how they'r... 2018-09-28 Clickbait
"Hey BMW, I'm cold." @TechCrunch explains how @BMWGroup's Intelligent Person... 2018-09-28 Legitimate
#AzureSphere is here. CEO @SatyaNadella is joined by principal engineer @cait... 2018-09-28 Clickbait
We are all digital citizens. Join us in the fight to #StopCyberwarfare and de... 2018-09-30 Legitimate
Sign the Digital Peace Petition 2018-09-30 Clickbait
On this episode of @Kevin_Scott's #BehindTheTech, hear the surprising thing t... 2018-10-01 Legitimate
Just type a question and get an answer. Meet @Premera's #AI solution that's s... 2018-10-01 Clickbait
Our mission must encompass empowering people across their whole life. Not jus... 2018-10-02 Legitimate
[email protected], GM of Mobile & Merchandising Experiences, demonstrated how i... 2018-10-02 Clickbait
Highlights from Microsoft’s October 2018 event 2018-10-02 Legitimate
[email protected] on today's #MicrosoftEvent. 2018-10-02 Legitimate
See what @FortuneMagazine has to say about our latest lineup: 2018-10-04 Clickbait
[email protected] is transforming food and farming practices with #AI: 2018-10-04 Legitimate
Customer experiences are being reimagined with the Open Data Initiative: 📈 2018-10-04 Legitimate
Our CFO Amy Hood is busting stereotypes. 🙋‍♀️ Read how: #FortuneMPW 2018-10-05 Legitimate
We caught up with @GeemanYip to hear about his work on the #cloud, the next b... 2018-10-05 Clickbait
Our new Quantum Materials Lab at @uni_copenhagen will create the heart of the... 2018-10-05 Legitimate
Playing your favorite game on your favorite device is the future of gaming. 🎮... 2018-10-08 Legitimate
Pop culture is everywhere. @OriginalFunko spots trends and brings bobbleheads... 2018-10-08 Clickbait
Introducing state-of-the-art global streaming technology so you can play on a... 2018-10-08 Clickbait
Gaming with you at the center 2018-10-09 Legitimate
We’re giving companies a more holistic view of their #data with the Open Data... 2018-10-09 Clickbait
#AI can be used to transform everyday life for people with disabilities. Watc... 2018-10-09 Clickbait
[email protected]'s "Beer Fingerprinting Project" is bringing more science to ... 2018-10-10 Legitimate
Data is the key to boosting impact, performance and viability. See how #nonpr... 2018-10-10 Clickbait
#AI is revolutionizing the game of cricket. We teamed up with @anilkumble1074... 2018-10-11 Legitimate
CMO @ChrisCapossela shares career advice picked up through 27 years at Micros... 2018-10-11 Clickbait
"Creating a more diverse and inclusive culture requires us to get comfortable... 2018-10-11 Legitimate
It's a bobblehead boom for @OriginalFunko. See how #cloud technology helps ge... 2018-10-12 Legitimate
🎮 An Xbox in your pocket—made possible by #ProjectxCloud: via @Wired 2018-10-12 Legitimate
Our inclusive approach not only benefits employees, but customers too. Learn ... 2018-10-12 Clickbait
Teaming up with Spektacom to create the #PowerBat was also a passion project ... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Pop culture is everywhere. @OriginalFunko spots trends and brings bobbleheads... 2018-10-15 Clickbait