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The Ravens finished with a team-record 11 sacks in shutting out the Tennessee... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Designed to bring attention to re-entry services, the run symbolizes the jour... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
From goat to hero in one week, Michael Crabtree finishes with six catches on... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Were you at this weekend's Race for the Cure? Thousands turned out Saturday i... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Voters are expressing significantly more interest in turning out for next mon... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
ICYMI: Baltimore native Nwodim and Leslie Jones wore Baltimore Police patches... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Whether or not @TJSmithMedia has any political aspirations, he’s staying attu... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Grading the Ravens' 21-0 win... No, it's not straight A's. 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Be careful drawing hard-and-fast conclusions from the Ravens' dramatic turnar... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Remember when Pam Shriver, Boomer Esiason and Jack Marin were in the news? 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Voter registration in Maryland could reach a record high by Tuesday's deadlin... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
October baseball success: It once was a thing for Orioles fans. 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Attention commuters: If you "block the box" this morning, you could get a $12... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
No, Old Bay does not have a new fall flavor. 2018-10-15 Clickbait
From leaf peeping to apple picking, here are 10 ways to get into the fall spi... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Baltimore's search for a new police commissioner brings hope of a fresh begin... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
The offense started fast and the defense never let up. Grading the Ravens' 21... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Voter registration in Maryland could reach a record high by Tuesday's deadlin... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Live from New York, it's… another Baltimore reference. Charm City on SNL thro... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Catonsville gets its first co-working space. Another is planned in the city i... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
One of the apple varieties most affected by this summer's rain also happens t... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
After two strokes, a Maryland-based chef had to relearn basic tasks and rethi... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Why squirrels are being blamed for a car fire in Harford County last week: 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Maryland Food Truck Week, a foodie celebration and promotion of local trucks,... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
After nearly three months without a winner, the Mega Millions lottery game ha... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
It's finally costume season. Submit your spookiest photos in this week's SunS... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Discount home decor store HomeGoods is moving into part of a former Sears dep... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
T.J. Smith for mayor? The former police spokesman would have to move in order... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
A former Howard County police officer pleaded guilty Monday to falsifying ove... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Stanley Black & Decker, which runs a growing headquarters in Towson for i... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
By email, on Twitter and Facebook, Sun readers seem divided on whether squeeg... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
The Baltimore City Council is poised to pass legislation Monday that would ti... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Op-ed: It's time for new approaches to curb the opioid death rate. Otherwise ... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Baltimore issued its first "Block the Box" fines today. If you got a ticket a... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
The Maryland Transportation Authority will not issue late penalties to driver... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Baltimore County Fire Department responded to a gas leak in the 200 block of ... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Delegate Meagan Simonaire, who argued against her father for a ban on convers... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Many questions remain about plans to demolish or move flood-prone buildings i... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Highlights will include Butterbeer cupcakes, Treacle Tarts and Dragons Breath... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Opinion: Who will stand up for Khashoggi and for the people he was helping in... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
Five men have pleaded guilty to federal charges related to a gang turf battle... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
With Saints quarterback Drew Brees likely to throw his 500th career touchdown... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
After wrapping up a three-game road trip with two wins, the Ravens can look f... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
The Baltimore County Council is considering a measure that would eliminate a ... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
Over the years, John Harbaugh has grown close to another pillar of Baltimore ... 2018-10-15 Legitimate
It’s been 68 years since James Ivory Jubb died. But on Wednesday, the remains... 2018-10-15 Clickbait
After suffering what appeared to be a frightening neck injury in Sunday’s 21-... 2018-10-16 Clickbait
A company that operates Mo’s Seafood restaurants has agreed to pay $1 million... 2018-10-16 Legitimate
A fired Howard County government manager is suing the county in federal court... 2018-10-16 Clickbait
A national Republican group has poured nearly $90,000 into mailing flyers tha... 2018-10-16 Legitimate