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Near where routes 50 and 90 meet, Ocean City plans to break ground on a solar... 2018-08-20 Clickbait
Investigators were still at the scene of a fatal plane crash in Carroll Count... 2018-08-20 Clickbait
Home to Maryland's oldest school buildings, Baltimore just had five rebuilt o... 2018-08-20 Clickbait
This work zone speed camera accounted for more tickets than four others combi... 2018-08-20 Legitimate
Operator of Lexington Market intends to update city officials within the next... 2018-08-20 Legitimate
A 16-year-old has been charged with killing another teen who police believe c... 2018-08-20 Clickbait
Maryland proposes requirement that Baltimore trash incinerator cut emissions ... 2018-08-20 Legitimate
Baltimore Police are investigating three daytime shootings. One of the victim... 2018-08-20 Clickbait
“We come here today as University of Maryland football players to change the ... 2018-08-20 Legitimate
Op-ed: With electric scooters, for once, City Hall saw an opportunity and sei... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Tonight against the #Colts, the #Ravens go for their 11th straight preseason ... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
PROMOTION: Just show up: Wine pairings and a specialty cocktail are all part ... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Still tuned in to the #Ravens game? @ChildsWalker and @SchmuckStop are watchi... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Double-barrier doorways among new security measures at Anne Arundel County sc... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Protesters gather in support of Baltimore man injured in alleged police assault 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Here's one way to spend your fall. Army-Navy is the capper. 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Need one more summer getaway? These trips can all be done in a day. 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Fair fare, vegan treats and entrepreneurial eats: Food happenings fill this w... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Pope Francis issues letter to Catholics around the world condemning sexual ab... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Labor Day is still two weeks away. Where to with the kids before they go back... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
He said, he said: Trump lawyer Rudolph Giuliani tries to clarify his "Meet th... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Now that's Baltimore… What defines the city's skyline for you? 2018-08-21 Clickbait
The #VMAs was a shocking event -- for the wrong reasons. 2018-08-21 Clickbait
The Ravens’ secondary can survive without Jimmy Smith. Other things we learne... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Two sisters who "grew up in the Nancy Reagan ‘Say No to Drugs’ era” are doing... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
A Maryland KKK member is set to be sentenced today for firing a gun at the 20... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Some University of Maryland freshmen will be living in dorm lounges this fall. 2018-08-21 Legitimate
While public schools are ordered to resume classes after Labor Day, many coll... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
It's still possible for the Orioles to trade Adam Jones this season. But is i... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
[email protected]: RGIII should be the Ravens' top backup quarterback -- not L... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Ellicott City merchants worry big changes won't come before there's another d... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Patients often don't know themselves all the drugs they've taken and standard... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Coming up in Harford County: Beer week, film screenings, and a new running fe... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Baltimore's single largest source of industrial air pollution is facing stric... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
The man charged with killing 7-year-old Taylor Hayes is being held without ba... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Baltimore's original trash-collecting wheel has appeared on shirts and in son... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
[email protected]: "Pennsylvania Avenue is too big to fail if West Baltimore is to th... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
For fans, it's a must-play at Sisqo performances. So, too, apparently, at the... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
The verdict in Paul Manafort's case has implications far beyond this trial, a... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Severe storms could bring heavy rain and damaging winds across Maryland late ... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Councilmen say they're concerned Baltimore's city solicitor is limiting the w... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
"Climate gentrification": Researchers found properties at higher elevations w... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Some of Harford and Cecil counties' first McDonald's franchises, in the same ... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Amazon fulfillment center nearing completion at Sparrows Point is the size of... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
A national organization has suspended a Baltimore rabbi for allegedly violati... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
In a statement, Jordan McNair’s father says it's "critical" that Wallace D. L... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Where's the beer? Wherever the fans are. That's the idea, at least. 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Aiming to fill the job by the end of October, Baltimore officials say they ha... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Hold the mallet! That crab has three claws. How scientists explain the rare m... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith suspended four games for violating the NFL’s pe... 2018-08-21 Clickbait