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Protecting and defending your privacy is at the heart of our work. Today, we’... 2018-04-24 Clickbait
Today we’re introducing a brand new Twitter for Windows app. Access a faste... 2018-05-01 Clickbait
Twitter supports #WorldPressFreedomDay Join the conversation with #ImAJourna... 2018-05-03 Clickbait
Two years after an accident left @albertopajariyo in a wheelchair and unable ... 2018-05-07 Clickbait
's cover photo 2018-05-10 Clickbait
's cover photo 2018-05-10 Clickbait
We are rolling out the following features to , Twitter Lite, and Twitter for ... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Here's a #TBT for you: 1️⃣ Click the link below. 2️⃣ Hit "Latest." 3️⃣ Tra... 2018-05-24 Legitimate
#NBATwitter 2018-05-30 Legitimate
Twitter is proud to support #Pride2018 and the LGBTQIA community. Join us i... 2018-06-01 Clickbait
Why is #Pride2018 important to you? 🤝 Community & Support 🎉 Celebration... 2018-06-06 Clickbait
Teyana Taylor's album listening 2018-06-22 Legitimate
We are committed to building trust and encouraging healthy conversation on Tw... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
🎶, 🏀, 📺, 👠, 🎥, or 🎮? New to Twitter? Curious about what's happening? Find n... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
3️⃣ pieces of #AdviceForNewTwitterUsers: 🔍 Explore: Search anything and ever... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
💙💙💙 2018-07-16 Clickbait
Want to find out who is advertising on Twitter? 💰 Today we launched the Ads ... 2018-07-16 Legitimate
Identity, equality, and all of the 🌈 love. A look at the importance of #Pri... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
See what’s happening with 3️⃣ updated ways to find and follow news and events... 2018-07-16 Clickbait
Found a Tweet in another language? Into football and want to read @KAKA's Twe... 2018-07-20 Clickbait
People are asking us if we shadow ban. We don't. Read more to get all the fac... 2018-07-27 Clickbait
An update on our commitment to serve and contribute to the health of the publ... 2018-07-30 Clickbait
Don't let data worries keep you from Twitter. Twitter Lite is now in 21 more ... 2018-08-13 Clickbait
Bookmarks, the new inspiration board. How are you using them? 2018-08-15 Clickbait
The #TwitterHouse at #SXSW 2018 2018-08-17 Legitimate
's cover photo 2018-08-17 Clickbait
Twitter at #NBAAllStar Weekend 2018 2018-08-17 Clickbait
Twitter #BlackPantherLive Cast Q&A from New York 2018-08-17 Clickbait
Twitter #GuestTweets from #SuperBowl 52 2018-08-17 Legitimate
's cover photo 2018-08-17 Clickbait
Photos from Twitter's post 2018-08-17 Clickbait
Live Twitter Q&A with Dave and James Franco #DisasterArtist 2018-08-17 Legitimate
Did you know that you can find out when you joined Twitter, just by looking a... 2018-08-20 Legitimate
Are your Direct Messages open, to chat privately with anyone? If so, you’ll s... 2018-08-22 Clickbait
11 years ago today, the hashtag was born on Twitter. Now, 125M+ hashtags are ... 2018-08-23 Clickbait
Saying hi to #LGBTQTwitter. 2018-09-03 Legitimate
Love to use Bookmarks and want it on web? Into scrolling through Explore to s... 2018-09-06 Clickbait
Sometimes you just want to talk, without being on camera. We’re launching aud... 2018-09-07 Clickbait
Looks like a hashtag to us. 2018-09-13 Clickbait
We’re making it easier to find and watch live broadcasts. Now, when accounts ... 2018-09-13 Legitimate
Twitter's cover photo 2018-09-14 Clickbait
Twitter's cover photo 2018-09-14 Clickbait
Well, hello. 2018-09-18 Clickbait
Us. Daily. 2018-09-20 Clickbait
Sexy Edit Button 2018-10-10 Legitimate
Well, that was weird. 2018-10-16 Clickbait
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|               Be sweet        when you Tweet |___________|   ... 2018-10-17 Legitimate
Sometimes you want to see the latest Tweets, first. We’re testing a way for y... 2018-10-31 Clickbait
==(_____________________________)== | It's time to Tweet ... 2018-11-13 Clickbait
🔍 just got an upgrade. We added sections so it’s easier for you to see the Tw... 2018-11-14 Clickbait