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The Wall Street J... Blackstone Grants New Rewards to CEO Schwarzman 2018-03-18 Legitimate
The Wall Street J... Natural Gas Under Assault Again After Brief Reign at the Top 2018-03-18 Clickbait
The Wall Street J... Progress Against HIV/AIDS Is Slowing Down. Young Women May Hold the Key 2018-03-18 Clickbait
The Wall Street J... The Battery Boost We’ve Been Waiting for Is Only a Few Years Out 2018-03-18 Clickbait
The Wall Street J... What’s That Thing You’re Sending an Email With? Um, It’s a BlackBerry 2018-03-18 Legitimate
lifehacker Stay on Schedule with the Whisky Rule 2018-03-18 Clickbait How a man behind the 'Steve' discovery used the Northern Lights to cope with ... 2018-03-18 Clickbait How a volcanic eruption made 1816 the year without a summer - 2018-03-18 Clickbait
nydailynews Russia votes to hand Vladimir Putin 4th presidential term 2018-03-18 Legitimate
nydailynews FDNY hero who evacuated hundreds on 9/11 dies at 45 of cancer 2018-03-18 Legitimate
nypost Iggy Azalea bares all in nude bathtub video 2018-03-18 Clickbait
nypost Infant found abandoned on a subway platform in the middle of the night 2018-03-18 Clickbait
nypost How the political elite exploit their influence and connections to make their... 2018-03-18 Clickbait
salon Jared Kushner’s company could be in trouble for false paperwork in Queens apa... 2018-03-18 Clickbait
sfchronicle Editorial | To ease traffic, the Bay Area should vote yes on Measure 3 2018-03-18 Clickbait
shape The Best Workout for an Apple-Shaped Body 2018-03-18 Clickbait
splinternews Donald Trump Jr. and Florida Governor Candidate Hang Out with Disgraced Ex-La... 2018-03-18 Clickbait
splinternews Students March on Washington to Fight for Gun Control 2018-03-18 Clickbait
theroot Stormy Daniels' Lawyer: Some Allegations Occurred During Trump Presidency 2018-03-18 Clickbait
theroot Auntie Maxine Waters Is Not Afraid of Trump; Too Bad She’s Seemingly Alone in... 2018-03-18 Legitimate
thestar Mother, two children hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak in Barrie | Toro... 2018-03-18 Legitimate
thestar The remains of Ontario’s first parliament are buried and long forgotten in do... 2018-03-18 Legitimate
The Times of London Man arrested after car ploughs into Kent nightclub, injuring 13 2018-03-18 Clickbait Citing her history of torture, Rand Paul threatens to filibuster Trump’s pick... 2018-03-18 Legitimate Trump never mentioned Mueller on Twitter once until this weekend 2018-03-18 Clickbait Trump says McCabe memos don’t exist, unless they do, in which case they are ‘... 2018-03-18 Clickbait
usatoday Don't tattoo your eyeball. Just don't do it. 2018-03-18 Legitimate Blue Jays split squad game versus Canadian Jr. National Team littered with bi... 2018-03-18 Clickbait TSN Original: Reborn: Basketball & Reconciliation in Rwanda 2018-03-18 Clickbait Scheifele and Lowry return tonight for the Jets 2018-03-18 Legitimate