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IndyStar Eva Kor remembered, celebrated 2019-08-19 Legitimate
nypost One dead after small plane crashes into a house near Poughkeepsie 2019-08-19 Legitimate
Independent VSCO girls are the latest trend taking over social media 2019-08-19 Clickbait Julius Randle Checks In From India Day Parade 2019-08-19 Clickbait
All Recipes How To Make A 100-Yard Football Field Of Dips 2019-08-19 Clickbait
Stylecaster Um, You Can Totally Get Meghan Markle's Adorable Monogrammed Tote f... 2019-08-19 Legitimate
nypost NYPD judge says Pantaleo was 'untruthful' about Eric Garner chokeho... 2019-08-19 Clickbait
The Globe and Mail A family is shattered after dying boy is made into a meme 2019-08-19 Legitimate
Teen Vogue Beyoncé’s "Brown Skin Girl" Is Not for Every Brown-Skinned Girl 2019-08-19 Legitimate
nypost Jets won't play Le'Veon Bell the rest of preseason 2019-08-19 Legitimate