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sfchronicle Sen. @Scott_Wiener wants to put a proposal for a new state-level es... 2019-03-26 Legitimate
nypost This block in Harlem has become a "flea market for drugs" 2019-03-26 Clickbait
TalkSport Who do you think will reach the #UCL final? 2019-03-26 Clickbait
cbsnews CBS News' Charlie D'Agata gives a behind-the-scenes look at coverin... 2019-03-26 Legitimate
Independent From Cersei to Jon Snow: Who will end up on the Iron Throne in Game... 2019-03-26 Legitimate
The Guardian (AU) Michael Daley won't contest NSW Labor leadership after losing elect... 2019-03-26 Legitimate
The Guardian (UK) 'Horror, fear, despair': Venezuela's oil capital shattered by 'tsun... 2019-03-26 Legitimate
Independent Line of Duty cast interview: 'The first thing you do with the scrip... 2019-03-26 Legitimate
latimes Yale rescinded the admission of a student in connection with the fa... 2019-03-26 Legitimate
The Times of India From i to u: Apple shifts focus from products to services via @gad... 2019-03-26 Clickbait