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Provider Source Article Created Engine 😀 @Giannis_An34 drops 41 PTS, 9 REB, 4 BLK in the Game 4 victory, h... 2019-04-23 Clickbait
Bloomberg The U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether federal law bars emplo... 2019-04-23 Clickbait
cbsnews Disagreements between Mueller report and Attorney General's stateme... 2019-04-23 Clickbait
Elle The 16 Best Taylor Swift Songs to Listen to 2019-04-23 Clickbait
ESPN Rough time to be a Detroit fan 😬 β€’ Pistons: Lost 14 straight playo... 2019-04-23 Legitimate
calgaryherald Canadian households with streaming TV expected to eclipse cable, sa... 2019-04-23 Clickbait
CNN Don Lemon: "Senator, yes or no: Do you support financial reparation... 2019-04-23 Legitimate
gizmodo Last night's Game of Thrones song might be more important than you ... 2019-04-23 Legitimate
Toronto Star "People don’t talk about it that much, so you just have to go throu... 2019-04-23 Clickbait
Chicago Tribune Samsung's new cellphone had a foldable screen and costs almost $2,0... 2019-04-23 Clickbait