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Independent The writers of Avengers: Endgame are making a Brexit movie 2019-07-18 Clickbait
The Huffington Post Philadelphia's reformist DA faces a fight with the Pennsylvania att... 2019-07-18 Clickbait Joaquin Castro introduces bill to remove ‘illegal’ and ‘alien’ from... 2019-07-18 Clickbait
RTE Lisa Smith tells RTÉ News: 'I didn't fight' ... 'How am I monster? ... 2019-07-18 Clickbait
TechRadar These are the new Android emoji you'll be using on your phone later... 2019-07-18 Clickbait
The Irish Times “I’m enjoying it because I have to get the word out to the American... 2019-07-18 Clickbait
American Conserva... "Why not, Trump reckons, run against the Democratic Congress? It’s ... 2019-07-18 Legitimate
The Hindu Theatre personality S. Raghunandana has declined the Sangeet Natak ... 2019-07-18 Legitimate
Independent Trump and paedophile Jeffrey Epstein shown ogling young women in re... 2019-07-18 Clickbait
The Guardian (UK) Environmental damage of tourism comes under MPs’ spotlight 2019-07-18 Clickbait