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Daily Mail Father takes son's girlfriend to school prom one month after he died 2018-05-22 Clickbait
Slate Here are the big races to watch in Tuesday’s primaries, which doubl... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
The Boston Globe Philip Wilson, the highest ranking official in the Catholic Church ... 2018-05-22 Legitimate
The Guardian (AU) Border force officials defend dawn raid on Sri Lankan asylum seekers 2018-05-22 Legitimate
Women's Health 5 signs you might have a scary vitamin B12 deficiency: 2018-05-22 Legitimate
The Guardian (UK) Trump backer who owned 'inhumane' housing picked to be Belgium envoy 2018-05-22 Legitimate
Mirror Teenage girl stabbed in the back refused treatment from doctor beca... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
The Times of India #TOIExclusive #IndianHockey @TheHockeyIndia Mindset of Indian tea... 2018-05-22 Clickbait
The Guardian (AU) Banking royal commission: Westpac executive admits flaws in loan pr... 2018-05-22 Legitimate
The Guardian Business leaders say economic nationalism is biggest growth threat 2018-05-22 Clickbait