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nypost Beauty pageant crowns 93-year-old as Miss Holocaust Survivor 2018-10-16 Legitimate "As Native people, we are relegated to being invisible, while Warre... 2018-10-16 Clickbait
The Hollywood Rep... Gates remembered his former business partner in a statement: "I am ... 2018-10-16 Clickbait
Independent MPs throw weight behind fresh Brexit referendum as hundreds of thou... 2018-10-16 Clickbait
The Hill Cherokee Nation tears into Warren for using DNA test to claim Nativ... 2018-10-16 Clickbait
Associated Press One year after MeToo hashtag set Twitter ablaze, survivors who shar... 2018-10-16 Legitimate
nypost Turkey allowed to search Saudi consulate over Khashoggi disappearan... 2018-10-16 Clickbait
inquisitr Brooklyn Witches To Put Hex On Brett Kavanaugh: Group Curse Is 'An ... 2018-10-16 Clickbait
The Hill NYPD: Charges coming against nine "Proud Boys" involved in clash 2018-10-16 Legitimate
TechCrunch Disney‘s John Snoddy will talk imagineering augmented worlds at TC ... 2018-10-16 Legitimate