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cbsnews Coming up: Securing the Women's World Cup. @CBSThisMorning has a r... 2019-06-17 Legitimate
TalkSport "We don’t need you pal, get out, glorified show pony." #MUFC fans ... 2019-06-17 Clickbait
Washington Post Opinion: George Stephanopoulos is filleting President Trump, clip b... 2019-06-17 Clickbait
The Hill Mayor Pete Buttigieg: "It's both unbelievable and all too believabl... 2019-06-17 Legitimate
TalkSport “John Terry was just brilliant.” 👏 “He changes everything at halft... 2019-06-17 Legitimate
The Times of India #JustIn | West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee directs Kolkata Police commi... 2019-06-17 Clickbait
Independent Woman who 'stamped on turtles nest and stabbed it with a wooden sta... 2019-06-17 Legitimate
cbsnews With massive South America blackout over, hunt is on for the cause 2019-06-17 Clickbait
Washington Post The latest from @daveweigel: How to run for president without losin... 2019-06-17 Legitimate
Bloomberg At least 30 people were killed and 38 injured in attacks in Nigeria... 2019-06-17 Legitimate