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shape Could You Plank for 5 Minutes Every Day for an Entire Month? 2018-08-21 Legitimate Nichols defends his post game reaction regarding getting booed. VID... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
snopes This might be the best sign in the country nation, though. 2018-08-21 Legitimate
sfchronicle Madonna's self-serving Aretha non-tribute, deconstructed 2018-08-21 Clickbait
The Sun This genius McDonald's hack will get you something that's not on th... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Deadline Hollywood Cohen's Attorney: "This is Michael fulfilling his promise made on J... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
Deadline Hollywood A video of Sumner Redstone that surfaced as part of the CBS-Nationa... 2018-08-21 Clickbait
American Conserva... "As an engineer I had designed miles of streets and as a planner he... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
complex 'Mighty Ducks' actor Shaun Weiss checks himself into rehab and than... 2018-08-21 Legitimate
Newsweek Tom Arnold said he and Cohen are "taking down Donald Trump" ahead o... 2018-08-21 Clickbait